Honoured and further motivated

Yesterday, I had a chance to meet with the Deputy Conservator of Forests of Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Mr. Hanumanthappa. This was my first meeting with him since his return from his official trip to Kenya a few weeks ago. While chatting about his trip there, he told me that he was really impressed with my conflict-mitigation research.

He told me that when I first started my research here at Bandipur Tiger Reserve, he didn’t think there was anything special about it and that he thought that I was merely implementing something similar to what others are doing elsewhere. But he told me that while he was in Kenya and seeing what conflict mitigation measures are being tested over there around various national parks, he thought about my work a lot and was happy to tell people that such innovative work was being conducted in his forest.

Needless to say, I feel VERY VERY HONOURED to receive such high praise from the top forest official in Bandipur Tiger Reserve, particularly one that I’ve always respected a great deal. While I’ve always been motivated when it comes to elephants, these kind words are further motivation for me to ensure that the work I do now and in the future is always deserving of such praise!


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