Press coverage in the Mail Today

I’m delighted to report that my research on exploring novel techniques of mitigating crop-raiding has received some exposure in the print media. A brief article regarding this research technique and its effectiveness appeared in page 11 of the Mail Today, printed at New Delhi on June 7, 2012. The article clipping as it appeared in print is attached below:


The newspaper article references a journal article I recently published as first author in the Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy, as well as some more recent findings. The journal article mentioned above reviews the history of human-elephant interactions in recent history as well as longer term evolutionary history. It reviews the various laws enacted over the years to protect Asian elephants in India as well as the current conservation scenario. The article highlights the importance of novel research measures, briefly describes one aspect of our own research in mitigating human-elephant conflict, and discusses future directions for elephant conservation. For a pdf copy, please free to email me at

To conclude, I’m grateful to Mr. Dinesh Sharma, Science Editor of the Mail Today, for deciding to publish an article on my research. I hope that by publicizing this research method widely, it could be added to the toolkit used by wildlife managers around the world as they attempt to balance the conservation needs of this charismatic Endangered species with the aspirations of growing human populations in elephant-range countries.

Articles citation:

1) Sharma, D. (2012, June 7). New device to keep raiding jumbos away. Mail Today, p. 11.

2) Thuppil and Coss. (2012). Using threatening sounds as a conservation tool: evolutionary bases for managing human-elephant conflict in India. Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy, 15 (2), pp. 167-185.


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