Who Pays for This?

Who pays for us to conduct all this cool research? This page is to acknowledge and thank the generous sponsors without whose support these efforts towards elephant conservation would not be possible. Thank you, sponsors!

Current Research

The Rufford Small Grants Foundation – This foundation has provided us funding in the amount of £ 5,942 (GBP) to implement the previously-tested technique of using threatening predator sounds to scare away crop-raiding elephants in a low-cost portable device that could be suitable for large-scale use by wildlife managers and individual villagers to deter elephants from farms. We are conducting research at two locations in southern India as part of this study – the forest jurisdiction of Omkar Range in Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Karnataka and the village of Manimunda in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala. You can read posts regarding this research here and here.

Past Research

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service Asian Elephant Conservation Fund – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Division of International Conservation, through its Asian Elephant Conservation Fund, provided us support in the amount of $ 40,676 (USD) to test the idea of using threatening sounds as a potential method of deterring elephants from engaging in crop-raiding. We conducted research testing these sounds at three locations in southern India – in the outskirts of the village of Bachahalli near Bandipur Tiger Reserve and the villages of Ananjera and Nenmeylikunu in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala. You can see the highlights of this research and get an idea of what we learned from it by clicking here.


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